Friday, July 15, 2011

Encouraging Support

We have received word this week of two more significant promises of financial aid for the solar pumping system and fish farm in Mozambique.  One was an out-of-the-blue promise from Lower Derby United Baptist Church in New Brunswick, Canada.  The other has been offered by an individual whom I have never met. I have copied their correspondence below as I was intrigued and encouraged by this person's assessment of the project's benefits.  It's not the solar pump and not just the fish farm, but the skills training and food production in practical and reproducible ways.

Here's the message:

"My family and I were reading about your aquaculture project and I became very excited about the possibility of helping. We are preparing to spend a week up north in MI where the boys will fish a variety of lakes, and streams.  We take for granted all the water around us and the numerous fish that we can catch. Of course the water for your gardens will also be a wonderful way to illustrate self- sustaining techniques for growing crops. We here in the states also garden, collecting rain water from our roof. (Believe it or not, not everyone here gets their food from a grocery store!)

I work part-time as a professor at Columbus State and I was looking for a way to tithe my earnings. Your letter struck me as so wonderful. When I saw the photo of the tilapia I thought about how good their protein will be for all the Bible college students.

I will pray for your project and think of you all as I fish this summer!

God Bless"

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