Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Solar Pump Update

I learned this week that a donor has committed US$4,500 for the solar pump equipment at the Mozambique farm site.  With this pledge, we have raised about $12,000 for the project!  The new pump has now been purchased and is being used to run water to the new tanks.  Additional funds will be used to purchase solar panels, so that the pump is not dependent on a petroleum-powered generator.

It was also reported this week that many of the fish which were moved to the new tanks a couple of months ago have grown to about four inches long.  They were only about one-and-a-half inches in length when they were first stocked to those tanks (photo at right and April 18 post).  The fish are being fed earthworms, insects, and chopped plant and vegetable scraps from the garden.

I am thrilled to know that the system is working and that they are growing fish with little effort and cost.

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