Monday, April 18, 2011

A Measure of Success

The fish that we purchased a year ago and stocked to the small cage and tank at the Xai-Xai garden site are now large enough to be eaten.  What's more, they have reproduced to the point that farm staff have stocked several hundred fingerlings to the newly-constructed fish tanks.
If we were to step away from the project, the garden now has the tools required to produce fish.  With minimal effort and cost, they can grow several hundred fish to edible size every few months, and fingerlings to supply the site and possibly even sell locally.  This is our model and it's starting to work!  This, to me, is a significant indicator of our success.  We can now provide guidance in operating the aquaculture system to its full potential.

So far, donors have promised about $7,000 to the purchase of solar-powered pump equipment (see blog entry 16 March 2011).  We need another $8,500 to complete the purchase.  This is a very practical way to help facilitate self-sufficiency and skills development in Mozambique.  Let's help them out. 

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