Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Fish Tanks are Complete

As of this month, the fish tanks on the garden property in Xai-Xai, Mozambique are complete!  I am also told that the fish purchased ten months ago have grown substantially and have reproduced.  The water supply and culture conditions are clearly suitable for care of tilapia. 

Unfortunately, water pumping equipment at the garden has failed in recent weeks, leaving the site without a reliable supply of water.  This has many implications including stalling of the fish farm project.  New equipment must be purchased before the tanks can be fully operational.

Solar power is the most viable alternative source of energy for this application. Total cost of a new, self-contained, solar-powered pump that would fully satisfy the requirements of the farm is approximately US$16,500. It is the intent of the college to purchase the new equipment in modules according to availability of funds. Purchase of the pump is priority, followed by acquisition of a small generator.

Once the pump and generator have been purchased ($4,500; March-April 2011), remaining funds will go toward purchase of solar panels. Panels may be added to the system in modules, progressively increasing the power supply to the pump and, therefore, the volume of water which may be delivered to the livestock, fish, and crops.

This agriculture/aquaculture project has already benefitted the college and its body of staff, students, and families.  Purchase of properly-suited equipment will help to ensure expansion of the project and on-going support of students and rural families.

Please consider making a donation in support of this project.  Your contribution can be sent to Woods Harbour Wesleyan Church, marked for 'Mozambique Fish Farm Project'.  You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.  Thank-you for your help.

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