Fish for Hope is my response to a personal desire to use my training and experience in aquaculture to help alleviate the pressures of poverty and food insecurity.  I welcome the assistance and involvement of anyone with whom this concept resonates, but my vision is that this initiative would be a means for the Canadian aquaculture sector, in particular, to engage global poverty issues through our shared passion for farming aquatic animals and plants. 

Fish for Hope had its start in Mozambique where we established a small tank farm for aquaculture demonstration and training.  Alongside other forms of agriculture, these tanks are a teaching tool and means of food production on a small college campus in Xai-Xai.  Now partnered with World Hope Canada, a registered Canadian charity, we have entered into an aquaculture support project for a region of northwest DR Congo.

Aquaculture can and does make a very real contribution to household and community sustainability, particularly when implemented alongside other development initiatives. 

When asked why I have entered into this work, I can only trace it to an innate compulsion which, as a Christian, I attribute to the God of Creation.

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