Saturday, September 14, 2013


Year one of this project was a success.  I've already reported here the impacts that we have had in bringing greater value to households through aquaculture support, training, and encouragement.  I have been getting feedback regularly from the field that our efforts and contribution are providing efficient support to families

So onward and upward.  Emmanuel  Dole, our field coordinator, has outlined a solid plan for the coming months--a plan to provide training to another contingent of farmers and supervise areas that have already received training, evaluating the extent to which the knowledge has been implemented.

Fish farming family, DR Congo - It's about PEOPLE!

But, hey, everything comes down to cost.  We are dependent on our network of supporters to help ensure the ongoing success of our efforts.  Just $300 per month provides full salary for our in-country coordinator; $2,250 funds a week-long training seminar for 50 fish farmers and a $25 tool subsidy for each participant;  roughly $300 provides Emmanuel Dole with the means to travel for supervision, training, and encouragement of fish farmers in the region.  Each of these elements demonstrates that we are committed to helping them rise above poverty through improved food security. We are re-injecting life into a sector proven to be an integral and important part of the solution.

Please go to the website of World Hope Canada if you'd like to make a financial contribution to our efforts.  Let's keep the momentum going!

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