Monday, September 10, 2012

Seminar #1

The first of twelve aquaculture training seminars was held last week.  All reports I get from there are glowing with success.  The fifty farmers at the seminar were well engaged in discussion about old and new ideas and solutions to challenges faced on their farms.  Each one left the week-long session with $25 worth of tools for their ponds. 

The fifty seminar participants and their certificates of completion.  Notice at least nine women who completed the training.  Also, everyone is dressed in their best - they take this very seriously.

The President of the regional church that administers development efforts made this comment: 

Pastor Emmanuel DOLE [Regional Aquaculture Coordinator];
I present to you all my congratulations for the organization and success of this seminar. My brother, I said, God is come to wipe the tears of the people of northern Equator of the DRC….”  -Jules MBOKA NGATE, President and Legal Representative the CEUM

Aquaculture trainer, Von, leading a session during last week's seminar.

Aquaculture is not the only solution, but it's certainly a very real solution for the people of this region.  Our assistance there is a breath of fresh air and hope.  It is thrilling to be part of a contribution to the greater livelihood of that region.


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