Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Project Starts

Our team in DR Congo has arranged the first seminar for next week, 3-7 September. Opening sessions are to include several dignitaries of the church and community. This is of great cultural significance to mark a new beginning for a sector that represents hope for people living within a desperate country.

Following remarks and ceremony, the first day's afternoon seminars will focus on the topic of AIDS awareness and nutrition. The first session on Tuesday will provide guidance in environmental management. The remainder of the week will be devoted to fish farming skills training--site selection, dyke construction and maintenance, stocking fish, feeding fish, etc.

Pastor Dole has provided final budget for the event--approximately $850 US. Most of this is for food to provide meals to the seminar participants. They will prepare breakfast and one large meal together daily. The list of supplies is grassroots:

Wheat flour, corn flour (basins), rice (sacks), goats, pigs, chickens, tomatoes, vegetable oil, sugar, dried lungfish, powdered milk, tea and coffee

I'm thinking just about everyone in attendance will eat better that week than they've eaten in a while.

So the project starts, and the community impacts begin.

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  1. Peter, this is so exciting and you are correct, people will eat better than they have in a while! This project is so amazing because it brings life-changing training and hope to a people who have had little of either for a very long time!