Thursday, July 5, 2012

World Hope Canada

The leadership board of World Hope Canada has agreed to carry the DR Congo Aquaculture Support Project as an official project of their organization!  This has great value in providing administrative expertise for financial and promotional purposes by a mature organization. 

World Hope Canada has within its staff considerable experience in the very region of DR Congo where this current aquaculture project has been established.  In fact, World Hope has recently implemented a significant development project for health care, clean water, and technical services in that same region, funded largely by a matching grant of the Canadian International Development Agency - this is the credibility with which Fish for Hope has now joined hands.

Instructions for making a donation can be found to the right of this post, or on World Hope Canada's website.  Please indicate clearly that the gift is intended for the DR Congo Aquaculture Support Project or Fish for Hope.

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  1. Hello Peter - hope youre keeping well - for DRC hope you managed to get in contact with Prof Shango and Godeleive through sarnissa for in country support and potential collaboration ? with your aquaculture work there - As always when you have time and are ready please send in and share news and photos of your projects with sarnissa All the best Will Leschen Stirling UK