Thursday, May 31, 2012

DR Congo Trip Report

Having visited DR Congo previously in 2008 I was aware of the desperate need of its people and the role that fish farming has and does play in households of Equateur Province.  I knew that this time around my visit needed to be one of intentional support for this sector and not just exploratory.  With a sense of God’s purpose for me in this capacity, I planned the venture based on knowledge that aquaculture is a very real solution to poverty for many families and that there is currently no support for aquaculture in that area of DR Congo. 
Through farm visits and discussions with local fish farmers and fish farming experts the importance of aquaculture and the absence of support were confirmed.  It was immensely rewarding to build new relationships with quality people who will be able help bring greater effectiveness to the aquaculture community.  Over two years we will provide training seminars and subsidization of tools and equipment for fish farm expansion.  The work will be carried out by a local aquaculture coordinator, Pastor Dolé Nadonye Emmanuel, an employee of the regional evangelical community.  With a full-time salary provided by the project, his efforts will bring attention to and encouragement for a sector that has been mostly un-aided since the 1990s. 
Pastor Dole and Peter Corey
Aquaculture, in conjunction with other development initiatives, is a life-saving contributor to household and community livelihoods.  I have felt compelled for many years to be involved in supporting work for this purpose and consider it an immense privilege to be led in God’s initiatives, free to live out the passions that come out of His design.  All glory to Him and His greatness.

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