Friday, February 14, 2014

DR Congo - Travel 2014

I leave tomorrow for Congo and the fish farming project in Equateur Province!  I'm eager to see Pastor Dole, our Regional Coordinator, as well as visit with fish farmers, and plan future aquaculture support objectives.

I'll be traveling with three others from World Hope Canada--Sheldon and Stephanie Gilmer, and Ralph Sikeema--with the intention of providing support and supervision to other projects in the same region.  We'll spend two days (Monday-Tuesday) in the capital, Kinshasa next week where I'm intending to visit the country office of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN.  If you're into praying, you might pray that our visit with that office would be productive in accessing FAO funding programs.  This could be a big asset in moving our work forward.

I'll be carrying with me about 75 lbs of gifts and supplies (see photo) for Emmanuel Dole and his family, as well as fish farmers.  A lot of it is practical (fish farming manuals, printer, good quality rubber boots, rain jackets), but some of it is purely fun (soccer gear, maple syrup, Jiffy Pop)--things that we enjoy here, but are difficult or impossible to find otherwise in DRC.  Many donors have contributed to this mound of goods:

Rotary Club of Truro, NS
Soccer association, Truro, NS
Ship to Shore Outfitters, Barrington Passage, NS
Wilson's Shopping Centre, Barrington Passage, NS
Barrington Area Soccer Association, Barrington Passage, NS
Several individual donors

Many thanks to the people who help to make this project meaningful and promote our efforts in improving food security in the Congo.

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