Monday, May 20, 2013

Measured impact

I was just doing a tally of attendance at the fish farming seminars so far.  We have held four seminars in pursuit of our original objectives, and Pastor Dole arranged a fifth in the region of Wasolo.  This seminar wasn't planned or budgeted, but Dole, in his resourcefulness, made it happen regardless.  There have been a total of 200 seminar participants who also received the tool subsidy, and an additional 256 recorded observers.  Of these 456 PARTICIPANTS, at least 46 have been women.

So extend that impact a bit further.  Let's say 50% of the participants (around 228) apply the skills and encouragement now provided through this project, resulting in improved pond productivity.  Each of these individuals represents a family of at least four--i.e. 228 x 4 = 912 people.  Almost A THOUSAND PEOPLE benefitting from improved access to quality food and household income.  And that's a very conservative prediction. 

Kpawe Joseph, Fish farmer, DR Congo

Photos to come.  Pastor Dole is sending them to NAmer with a colleague.  I will hopefully receive them soon and share some here.

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