Monday, March 18, 2013


I can't say enough to praise Pastor Dole's commitment and diligence on the aquaculture project.  The most recent training seminar, held in Tandala, was attended by the normal 50 participants that we budgeted, but also by another 100 observers.  Despite the added numbers, Pastor Dole managed to arrange meals for all 150 people for the week, out of the funds budgeted for fifty.  He did this by encouraging each participant to contribute something to the week's meal supply.  That's resourcefulness.  Pastor Dole is choosing to not be limited by budget and availability of funds, but is doing everything he can for the success of this project!

Now here's something we can do for Pastor Dole.  We had originally planned to purchase a motorbike for Pastor Dole's travels as the Regional Aquaculture Development Coordinator.  He's relying right now on rented bikes, or his schedule is limited to piggy-backing rides when they are going in the same direction he's going.  Having his own vehicle would provide much greater flexibility in extension work such as planning seminars and visiting farmers.  Furthermore, a motorbike is much cheaper to purchase, operate, and maintain than a Land Cruiser, which is the only other reliable transport in that part of the world.

We haven't purchased a bike yet since we've directed donations primarily to seminars and his salary to this point.  We now have roughly 80% of the funds required for purchase of a bike, but need the rest to ensure that we can purchase good quality--this way we reduce the chance of him being stranded on the trail a hundred km from the nearest service garage (to call it that loosely).

You can help us with this.  Pastor Dole has demonstrated his commitment to the project.  We can now demonstrate our commitment to providing him with the tools he needs to do his job well. 

To make a donation to this specific objective, follow this link to World Hope Canada and click on the "Donate Now" tab.  Thanks for your help.

- Peter

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