Saturday, January 19, 2013

Matching Donations

I have formulated our plan and budget for the next six months (Jan-Feb 2013) of the aquaculture project in DRC.  With roughly $15,000, we will successfully carry out three more training seminars for a total of 150 farmers, pay six months of Emmanuel Dole's salary, purchase a dirt bike for Pastor Dole's use in extension work and organizing seminars, and fulfill other miscellaneous project requirements.  This amount will meet our mid-project objectives and keep us on track for maximum regional impact.

A corporate donor, one who has helped us with other projects in the past, recently committed $5,000 to the project in DRC with the expectation that we would raise an additional $5,000 to match it.  In Wood's Harbour, an individual donor has pledged $1,000 to the project, also with the expectation that it would be matched dollar-for-dollar.  We have received $2,000 already toward these promised donations, which means that we have $8,000 of our anticipated $15,000 for the next six months' budget!  Seems that the target is well within our capacity to achieve.

I've been thinking for the past several days about the impact that we are having on Emmanuel Dole's life.  I often draw a comparison with child sponsorship programs such as Compassion, whereby a monthly commitment of $41 by western donors provides schooling, health care, and nutrition for a child in poverty.  The middle-class salary that we provide through our project in the DRC not only supports Dole, but also his wife and six children.  For less than $40 per month per person, eight people have the means to purchase additional food and health care needs, pay school fees and buy clothing.  Plus, Dole is equipped in his work to bring hope and training to hundreds of families.  How's that for value and impact?!

These are the names of Emmanuel Dole's family in the photo above:

1. Seated in the middle, Pastor Dole, Aquaculture Development Coordinator
2. To his right, Pastor Dole's wife, Bibiche Deka Dole
3. In back with the red shirt, oldest daughter, Rachel Ambussa Dole, born 28 July 1994
4. To her left, second daughter, Judith Olonu Dole, 13 December 1996
5. To her left, third child, Josu√© Dongumbe Dole, 15 December 1998
6. Behind Pastor Dole's wife, Esther Saboko Dole, 19 August 2001
7. In front of Judith, Astrid Ombalando Dole, born 30 July 2003
8. In front of Josue, Emmanuel Sanguma Dole, born 14 December 2005
This family is benefitting directly from our efforts and your generosity.

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