Monday, October 15, 2012


Delika is the tall man in the far left of the following photo.  He's a fish farmer in the DR Congo and the president of a local fish farmers association.  He participated in the first training seminar held in Karawa early in September.  He had this to say about it: 

"We have to wipe our tears for the organization of this seminar which comes after twenty years of failure we experienced in our fish farming project--i.e. it is twenty years since we were orphans who do not have parents who can direct, guide, and talk with technical advice on how to make the fish farming project." 

The effort that we are making to support this sector brings tremendous hope to them, a sense of purpose in their farming efforts, and improved livelihood.  Awesome!

Delika (far left), fish farmer in rural DRC

Delika's fish farm, DRC, May 2012

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