Thursday, April 26, 2012

DR Congo Travel

The dates have been confirmed for travel to Congo.  Travelling with friend Sheldon Gilmer, as well as Marc Bezanson, an engineer interested in the work going on in northern Congo, we will leave the 9th of May and return the 25th.  We will arrive in Gemena on the 11th and spend about ten days in that region, driving to nearby stations.  I will spend at least a day with Paul Noren, a missionary there who was responsible for fish farm development in the 80's.  We will visit farmers, offer encouragement, technical information, and hopefully financing.

When we return to Kinshasa, the capital, I expect to meet with a man by the name of Simon Mutala who is a potential source of quality fingerlings. 

Hopefully my limited French abilities hold up to the test. 

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