Monday, November 16, 2009


Asking for money is difficult at any time, let alone during a recession and drawing close to Christmas. However, I must keep asking. Though we have commitments of around $10,000 for the project so far, we need at least $15,000 before we can confidently give the go-ahead to begin digging.

Donations continue to build. The coin drive organized by the Wood's Harbour Wesleyan Church is now over. The initiative raised $637.50, mostly from change. The idea is to purchase fingerlings using these funds. With this amount, we can purchase at least 1,275 young fish, enough to stock two of the six ponds. Many thanks to Wood's Harbour Wesleyan, but also to Sandra Shaar who played the biggest role in organizing this fund-raiser.

This project will not succeed without the help and support of people like Sandra, people who have caught the vision for the impact that fish farming can have when used to equip the rural poor. Edward Montgomery, John Corey, David Weatherby, Riva Soucie, Brian Blanchard, and others have already given of their time and expertise to promote and further this early work of Fish for Hope. Further to these are the people who have offered finances, as well.

I can't do it alone. Thanks to everyone who has invested in the vision.

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